From California to Palestine: A talk with our newest team-memberHATD: Picking up and leaving California for the West Bank is quite a change. What made you move?“My husband, who is also Palestinian, wanted to live here and raise our family here, and I agreed to move. Frankly, I was tired of living in the US…” LEARN MORE >>  
Fighting for Health, Under Fire: A discussion about our work in the midst of violenceHATD: How has the recent violence impacted operations in Israel and the West Bank? “For one, many gatherings were postponed because participants couldn’t reach one another—mobility has been severely disrupted. Also, personal safety is everyone’s number one priority. The fact that so many participants are women also played a role: anyone with children is focused on ensuring their family’s safety. Other concerns are on the backburner….” LEARN MORE >>  
Why would a busy physician and health policy expert seek out this kind of tsuris?Read a personal and compelling interview with Dr. Norbert Goldfield about Healing Across the Divides’ mission, published in CJ|Voices of Conservative/Masorti Judaism.
Map of Israel Palestine Jerusalem area with borderFrom the Field: Trip summaries from Israel and the West Bank
“Last week, while working with women in the village of al-Wallajeh near Bethlehem, I heard a little boy plaintively call to his father as the father held his child in front of their house. The Israeli wall of separation was in the process of dividing their house from the rest of the village…”

View photos from a publicity tour sponsored by Healing Across the Divides and the Cleveland Jewish Federation for Hanaa Shalata, a blind Arab-Israeli who has devoted her life to supporting the disabled… MORE >> See more moving photos in our blog post on the unique visit>>
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“Words cannot describe how valuable the program has been for me… I was granted a feeling of equality and the ability to be part of society. I have finally begun to understand the meaning of life.”

 – Ala’a, a 20-year-old participant of the Head to Toe program, suffering from severe epilepsy.

We are proud to have been selected by the U.S. State Department’s Middle East Partnership Initiatives office as a pre-identified partner for potential funding opportunities.

The Middle East Institute Viewpoints:

“Peace-building Through Health in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Six Year Experience of Healing Across the Divides” MORE >>

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