War and militarized violence affect human health directly, through casualties and injuries, as well as indirectly, disrupting economic and social systems that address health needs and instilling fear and distrust. The connections between health-disease and peace-war are multiple. Healing Across the Divides specializes in educational initiatives that lead to improved health within a society and health framework. We are particularly interested in educational endeavors that focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In all our initiatives, we will review basic concepts of peace/peaceful communication/collaboration and conflict transformation alongside basic concepts of health. We also examine the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict as a paradigm for many of the current and ongoing wars throughout the world – that is, we will emphasize the differing lens’ emanating from conflicting nationalisms and differing perceptions of human rights violations within a framework of overarching interests from other countries/interest groups. We will encourage the students/colleagues to re-think the determinants and the potential solutions for conflict within a health care perspective along lines of prevention, treatment and palliation. These initiatives are framed within a peace-building through health context.

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