Hadassah Optimal Nurse Training Program

Participants at the Hadassah Optimal program for women's health in Israel

Tipat Halav (literally, a ‘drop of milk’) clinics are public community-based centers that have offered healthcare services to women and children in Israel since the 1920s. These services, offered to all communities, have helped diminish infant mortality as well as maternal morbidity and have proven to be an effective tool for mother and child health education.

Tipat Halav clinics supported by Healing Across the Divides along with the Cleveland Jewish Federation and the Women’s Health Collaborative advise and monitor women before, during, and after their pregnancy rather than just providing infant care.  By training nurses in the importance of proper nutrition and regular physical activity, both their health and that of those around them are directly served, including their own families and the mothers they treat.

Furthermore, the close interaction of Tipat Halav nurses with those they treat, along with the willingness of new mothers to embrace lifestyle changes for themselves and their families, strategically positions Tipat Halav clinics as key players in health promotion.

Participants at the Hadassah Optimal program for women's empowerment and health in IsraelThis is especially true for Israel’s Arab and orthodox-Jewish sectors, where birth-rates are relatively high.  Young mothers and their families served by Tipat Halav clinics also include large numbers of immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union as well as refugees from Sudan and southern Lebanon.

Hadassah Optimal, an affiliate of the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center, supports Tipat Halav clinics by training wellness-trainers, providing consultation to individual patients on preventative care, and providing programs for people suffering from obesity, cancer, and/or common chronic illnesses, and by providing prevention intervention outside the clinical setting in schools and at work-sites.

Visit Hadasah Optimal on the web at: http://www.hadassahop.org.il

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