Our Projects

Healing Across the Divides supports projects that promote the health of Israelis and Palestinians while helping to forge inter-agency cooperation that furthers mutual understanding. Projects are chosen based on their ability to most efficiently impact health in the communities in which they operate and their potential to function independently following a period of support by Healing Across the Divides. Our support comes in the form of financial, technical and organizational assistance.


The HATD-Caritas Chronic Disease Program Grantee since 2016

The HATD-Caritas Chronic Disease Program exponentially increases the impact of community-based chronic-disease management in the Palestinian towns of Kufr Malik, Deir Abu Mish’al, Abboud, and Shuqba in the West Bank.

The Ma’an Forum for Bedouin Women in the Negev Grantee since 2015

Ma’an (Arabic for “together”) was established by members of Israel’s Bedouin community to reduce the alarmingly high rates of gender-based physical and sexual abuse in Bedouin Arab society by providing advocacy and support services and developing rights awareness to combat gender abuse and discrimination on a broader scale. LEARN MORE >>

The IATF/ASSAF program supporting refugees and asylum seekers living with HIV in Israel Grantee since 2015 

Supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Israel who are HIV-positive, many of whom are survivors of torture, rape, and other abuses faced en route to Israel when escaping war and extreme poverty in Africa. The program also works to prevent further transmission of the disease and to mitigate the social stigma of HIV. LEARN MORE >>

The Family Defense Society Nablus/refugee camp chronic disease program Grantee since 2016

A unique collaborative effort with Healing Across the Divides to incorporate physical health improvement into FDS’s longstanding interventions to improve life in Palestinian refugee camps and the city of Nablus.

Beterem – Safe Kids Israel Grantee since 2015

Working to decrease rates of child accidents and fatalities, which are especially high in Arab and Jewish ultra-orthodox communities. HATD’s unique cross-generational and cross-cultural model trains Jewish and Arab grandmothers to become agents of community change for saving lives. LEARN MORE >>

The Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development Grantee since 2015

Advocating for psychological well-being and health rights for Palestinian women and youth by providing psychological counseling and support to communities south of Hebron, the West Bank, who live under the daily pressures of occupation, warfare, domestic violence, and poverty. LEARN MORE >>

Participant of Kayan's Jusur women's empowerment project, northern Israel

The Kayan Feminist Organization Grantee since 2012

Kayan helps further women’s rights and improve their health through leadership training programs in northern Israel, empowering hundreds of Arab women in dozens of communities to challenge the gender-based discrimination they face and better understand their gender-specific health needs.



Supporting women's health in the ultra-orthodox community of Har Nof, Jerusalem

The Israel Association of Community Centers 2012-2015 grantee

The Israel Association of Community Centers in Israel promotes women’s health in the ultra-orthodox Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Nof by raising awareness about women’s health needs on a community-wide level and cooperating with local religious authorities to change attitudes about women’s healthLEARN MORE >>

Friends by Nature 2012-2014 grantee

Friends by Nature is helping to empower Israeli Ethiopian women to play active roles in promoting women’s and family health issues in their families and communities, along with battling new challenges facing Ethiopians in Israel such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure by reconnecting families to traditional Ethiopian foods and active lifestyles. LEARN MORE >>

Yasmin Al-Nagab  2012-2015 grantee

Yasmin Al-Nagab for the Health of Women and Family is a community-based grassroots organization founded by a group of Bedouin Arab women with backgrounds in medicine, law, education, and social welfare to enhance the health of the rural Bedouin women of Al-Nagab ‎‎(the Negev) desert in southern Israel. LEARN MORE >>

Participants of the Head to Toe Al-Manal program to empower disabled=

Head to Toe: A Joint Project of Arab and Jewish Women with Disabilities
2012-2015 grantee

Many disabled young women—especially those in Israel’s Arab and orthodox-Jewish sectors—are not given the tools to properly care for their health. Head to Toe supports such women by empowering them to take greater responsibility for their bodies despite their disabilities. LEARN MORE >>

Teenage participant of Hiyot's young women's empowerment program for Ethiopian Israelis

Hiyot (Amharic for “Life”) 2012-2014 grantee

Hiyot helps Ethiopian-Israeli teenage girls become agents of change in their communities and among their peers and families in order to spread knowledge and legitimize discussion of sexual health issues generally considered off-limits in traditional Ethiopian society. LEARN MORE >>

Young female participant of the Rahat Women’s Association program for women’s empowerment and health in Israel’s Negev

The Rahat Women’s Association 2012-2014 grantee

A women-supporting-women non-profit serving the largest Bedouin community in Israel and the world, the Rahat Women’s Association empowers Bedouin women in Israel’s Negev to take charge of their lives, become productive members of society, and build a future for themselves that they would once have deemed impossible. LEARN MORE >>

The Ne’eman Association for the Prevention of Strokes and the Support of Stroke Victims 2015 granteeNe’eman was founded by a group of stroke victims to provide support for other stroke victims and their families while promoting prevention and intervention programs for the larger population...LEARN MORE >>
Participants at the Hadassah Optimal program for women's health in Israel

Hadassah Optimal 2012-2015 grantee

Improving the health of young women and their families in northern Israel though the training of Mother and Child Health Clinic nurses (“Tipat Halav”) in the importance of proper nutrition and regular physical activity. LEARN MORE >>

Young girl at the Dar AL-Kalima Wellness Center in Bethlehem

Dar Al-Kalima and the “Fit For Life” Program 2012-2015 grantee

Bethlehem based-Dar Al-Kalima works to promote individual and community health in response to specific community needs through the establishment of service facilities and programs that allow individuals to take proactive roles in maintaining their well-being. LEARN MORE >>

One in Nine 2012-2015 grantee

One in Nine works to raise awareness for early detection of breast cancer amongst Israel’s disadvantaged communities and orthodox Jewish sector in particular, while providing support to those who have been diagnosed with the illness. LEARN MORE >>

Women's Study Centre of Jerusalem

The Women’s Studies Center  2012-2013 grantee

The Women’s Studies Center is a Jerusalem-based human rights organization working to transform prevailing social attitudes towards women in Palestinian society and provide psychological support to women in need. LEARN MORE >>

For more information about our projects or to propose a project you feel warrants our support, contact tova@healingdivides.org.

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